Friday, May 29, 2009

'fit: heat wave

Whattttt a gorgeous day! Had my first cold coffee beverage since last summer, was so nicee =]
Had the funniest day at school today. In marketing we had a subsitute teacher, she was weird, but funny. I mentioned that my hands were dry so she runs to her purse and pulls out lotion and tells me to KEEP IT. I'm like "uhh.... thanks.. but you dont have to".. "No, no", she says, "my husband buys me them all the time". So that was that. Was cool cause it was a shimmery lotion with small sparkles.. okay. Last block rolls around, Spanish, good class.. and I trick some of the guys into trying the lotion, little do they know that it has sparkles.. my friend and I were peeing ourselves laughing when they found the sparkles and started freaking out.. two guys ran to the washroom to wash their hands.. so silly.. its JUST a sparkles.. guys and their image..
Funny quote from today:
Joe: So I hear you have a youtube account of you singing but you won't tell anyone what it is
Nat: haha yeah.. secret..
Amo: a what?
Joe: a youtube account..
Amo: for what?
.... ohhh amo...
Also, went to the docs today about my arm, but he was no help, he told me to keep a diary of whenever I feel pain.. so I gotta do that now.. how annoying.
Imma catch some sun before it gets too late and loses its heat.
Couldnt decide whether to do colour or B&W..
Wearing: cropped fuzzy tank- thrifted, zip-up skirt- F21, knitted see-thru cardi- thrifted, gladiator wedges- Steve Madden


Damsels said...

i love the tnk and its texture .

very nice

Janelle said...

I know how you feel when it comes to digital cameras, even my digital SLR pisses me off sometimes. your photographs are gorgeous though, and so are you