Monday, June 29, 2009

hair & bach

i can't figure out what im gonna do w/ my hair, i think thats my biggest stump at the moment, actually im always trying to figure out what im gonna do to it next to make it look different.
here are a few ideas, im growing it out, so its gonna go through a really funny, ugly stage, so im gonna have to live that our, but i guess itll be worth it.
at first i wanted the side shaved head, i really like how alice dellal has it, but of course she has long hair.. and then of course the idea of getting extensions in my hair was another thought.
anyway, we'll see how things end up, it shouldnt be that big of a deal, its hair, it grows back. i think im gonna stick with the agyness deyn, for now.. as i grow it out.. yeah ;)
p.s i might as well add in that i just watched the bachelorette and i cannot even begin to explain howwww upset i am that she kept friggin wes and ed. i dont care that much about ed, but that shes falling for wes' lies. makes me sick, i loved michael so much, i was like BALLING my eyes at the rose seremony, sadely enough. i cannot believe he's gone, he was such a great guy.. depressinggg.

don't mess

i went to the open call at Am Ap on friday w/ ali Gee and the interview went well.. im thinking.. so i hope to hear a call either thurs or friday for thattt ;)
then after that we met up w/ christian; alison's friend and we ended up taking some pics, in the alleys and just outside the art galllery. hahaha that was fun.
then that night i went to a girls night sleepover at josephines w/ a buncha girls.
was really good bonding time, i had fun :P

Sunday, June 28, 2009


i find it sort of weird.. how..
we loved michael jackson, and then disliked him because of the bad things he's apparently done, but now... we all love him and are sad because now he's dead.
well maybe not everyone.. but can you possibly see what i mean?
he was a legend no doubt, but i feel like even the people who probably hated him and bad talked him because of his incidents are the ones posting on their blogs or just flat out saying 'r.i.p mj' or something along the lines of a sympathetic note..
would you agree?
i think it's silly and stupid.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

a.k.a "the Claw"

i don't know whats been up w/ me lately but i've been very lazy w/ making posts.
like i dont even take the time to take any pics to put up, and i've put together a few neat looks.. but never got around to share em.. oh welll..

i DID go shopping though a couple days ago w/ my gal pal ali GEE ( --- check it!) and we went downtown vancouver to hit up value village. mind you we had never been to this one before and it wasn't in the nicest part of town.. BUT to my surprise it was AWESOME. sucks though when you have a limited amount of cash to spend, good thing its a thrift store and cheap finds.

and SO, i discovered this amazing power shouldered dress and freaky awesome dragon-full length ring. dude i was stoked. im thinking its real sterling silver, but i cant be for sure, i hope so, looks ancient or something..
anyhow, got those two things and i actually ended up hemming the dress because it was a little longer than i was expecting the second time i tried it on at home, so i ended up pinning it and then my mom hemmed it for me.. took about an hour and a half..

WELL.. the end results i thought were great but when i tried it on my mom FLIPPED.
no like seriously you guys, she's like 'i can see your ass! you're not going out like that'... so much for that.
anyway i dont mind it, only i wont be able to wear it around my mom :P hahaha
we laugh about it now.. even though i know she would actually kill me if i wore it out.. i can be sneaky though.. haha

Wearing: dragon full-length finger ring VV ($25), power shouldered dress vv ($10) and fuscia fever #901 revlon nailpolish..
btw, because of my mom and her good polish skills, she found this killer new colour, and it's pretty much the exact colour i've been wanting.. thanks momma.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


you're a jerk !
these hipsters got the beat.. & style .

Sunday, June 21, 2009

job shmob

so im pissed.
i've been getting nooo work at my job, so i'm going out tmrw and handing out resumes, most likely at like american apparel or something along the lines.. stupid restuarant business.. i hate being a hostess...
wish me luck!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

mag snag: UK Harper's Bazzar July 2009 [masha novoselova]

UHM wow.
Can someone please say hot? Bright colours with pretty pinks 'n greens. Although, nude is going to definately be the 'summer colour'.
I love the head pieces and fringe in this.. love love loveeee.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

C- is for collages


I decided that i wanted to have a little creativity on my school supplies for this year, and it's not just me, many other people do it- making collages. I did it on my notebooks, it nothing really special but it's fun to do in spare time and it kind of gets you to think in a creative way & they're so simple to make.. right? I think we've all done collages in our life.. whether in elementary school or at camps or even at home.. yeah?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

mag snag: Nylon May 2009 [taylor momsen]

Gossip Girl's taylor momsen is such a cutie. This past spread, from may is such a lovely one that she stars in. It's kind of hard to explain the theme of this, perhaps circus/rock/classy, really interesting though. I totally fell for the leather belted shorts, wow, so hot.. i could do for a pair of those just about now. Such a young girl with a lot of potential.. so i think so.

Monday, June 15, 2009

nylon, you complete me

erin and i took a little rendevouz to my old elementary school and shot a few fun little pics, ha thank goodness there werent very people around to watch us :P
Then we headed to the video store and rented housebunny. hahaa sooo stupid, but funny. Gotta love the comedies..
then that was it for our night, simple and easy going, it was nice. I've been so boring and lazy lately now that school is finished... well besides one exam i have to take friday. Then it's offically OVER. i already feel like I'm in summer mode though, which is.. as you can see sorta bad because of my laziness.. i haven't posted anything for couple days.. which is weird for me. OH and I had my singing/ voice exam today.. SO NERVOUS, but it went pretty well I think, i'll find out the results in a few weeks and i'll keep ya guys posted on that.
I GUESS THATS ALL. I need to find something to do with myself, i think imma try some DIY, thats something to do.. yeah.

Friday, June 12, 2009

mag snag: Vogue Spain June 2009 [doutzen kroes]

I just stumbled upon this beautiful model.. how have i not noticed her before... especially from victoria secret? wow.. where've i been.
She's freakin stunning and i love possibly everything about this spread.
White.. its comin back people. Hands down the 3rd shot is the greatest... the fringe bracelet and dress.

B- is for beck


I would the say this music is rock/indie; laid back. This is for sure my number one song by him. My friend from my old job introduced him to me before i had ever heard of his music, it's kinda hard to describe, just cool, chill, good all around. He emerged from the 90's and not only sings and plays the guitar but produces as well. Thats all i guess.. check the vid if you havent heard the song..

Thursday, June 11, 2009


galang galang gala...

¿Habla usted español?
ugh. spanish exam tmrw. 2nd last one. yessss.
green tea is a new addiction, better than coffee thats for sure, health-wise.
cherries are in season and i had my first taste test today.. deliciousss.
this is my 'simple/slob/street/school' outfit.. i guess.
Wearing: grey tee, shades- f21, distressed short- target, studded belt, wrist candy- mostly thrifted, polish- plum seduction[revlon], purple bag.

feeeen: sweet tooth [4 june]

[from left] black chain watch, braided black bracelet & thin silver bracelet, vera wang princess perfume, [above] nailpolish: raspberry rapture&plum seduction, gold and purple studded cuffs, bandana, colourful jeweled ring, nylon magazine [july music issue].

[what you couldnt see in the other pic] revlon cherry black lipstick, f21 beatle/rayban shades, silver and gold rings, colourful beaded diy necklace&chained cross necklace, grandmas silver necklace.

Gotta sweet tooth for jewlery and random gidgets. you can never have enough purses, i have an obsession for sidebags.. and these are just half of them, seriously, and alot of them are over 3 years old, either from vacationing, thrift stores, my mom's oldies or my fav stores. My recent handbags have been from the thriftstore because ive been low on the flow lately, if ya know what i mean.. and ive found some really good finds.
what im wearing no matter what: black watch w/ dangling chain & black braided bracelet, blac&silver & gold circular rings[2ndpic], vera wang princess perfume, nailpolish- revlon [#917] plum seduction/raspberry rapture.
I mentioned before that i've become obsessed w/ my red bandana.. ive invested into a few others, but this one is still my #1 love hands down. so gangsta.. haha and then i doll up the outfit with something chic.
I bought my first nylon magazine. WOW. its amazing.. music edition [july 2009 issue].
On special occasions i like to wear my cherry black lipstick.. gives a trashy edge.. i like that.

[above pic - clockwise from top left] black sidepurse w/ studs&jewels, mini quilted sidepurse [gryson - targets monthly featured designers], thirfted black mini quilted sidepurse w/ chain strap, black fringe sidepurse- zara [kids], white chanel-look-alike quilted sidepurse, purple balenciaga-look-alike purse w/ strap, black quilted purse w/ strap- aldo.

A- is for agyness

Agyness Deyn

It's been awhile that agyness has been on my fav. super model list.
To begin, her hair styles are fabbbbulous. I knew her for her cute pixie cut and bleach blonde hair when my sister showed me who she was. Eventually i found out she dyed her hair black.. which was kind of disappointing, cause her blonde suited her alot better.. so my sis & i thought..
At the time i had longer hair and i was thinking of getting a pixie cut.. rihanna style, but after i laid eyes on agyness, i wasnt sure whether to try and pull of an agyness or rihanna. It happened to be the rihanna style that i picked in the end.. but a month later, for my next haircut, i did the agyness, so it made up for it :P
Then! her style.. amazing.
Soo so unique and interesting. Sometimes she pulls that boho look, or chic meets punk and i love that. so much.
Her amazing editorials and ads are stunning and her look.. not the most beautiful model out there.. but who says models have to be beautiful. it's her look that i love.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

runway: Adam fall 2009

First time i've ever laid eyes on this line and it totally caught my eye. this fall season has quite the variety and range, yet simple. and simple should be done more, because its easy and quick for wearing.. although, myself, personally i tend to over-do outfits.
furs, long coats, velvet heels, silk/satin material, sheer blouses, sequins, greys/blues, nylon, long flowy skirts/pants.