Friday, July 3, 2009

5:30 p.m - shower, nightgown, blog-it baby

are you ready for it?
it's a long one..
but stay w/ me on this. i got news baby..
so finally i've been able to just sit down, at my computer, AWAKE, and alive and able to function. man, i've just been so busy and lazy, alots happened.
i'll throw out the highlightmoments.

first off work has been great, meaning more like: im getting work.
Boston Pizza: "your among creeps in the bar"
or should be something like that.. dont get me wrong, bp is a great place, but some of the people that come in are creeeepy.
i won't get into huge details, i think that explains enough...
...ok well..let me break it down:

1. 40-45 yr old man
2. "here's my number, give me a call and ill give you a ride in my new $300,000 car
HAHA yeah right buddy.
within seconds that piece of paper was ripped up into a hundred pieces... kqwjneosd.. grross..
anyway i've been going downtown alot, vancity, i like it there, its where i can get that really great feeling: free, relaxed..happy.
and the people are just so different from little 'ol ladner, i like even just sitting and watching all the people pass by..
what else?
cleaned out my WHOLE bedroom.. yup: closet, drawers, desk, shelves.. you name it.
i cleared out like half my wardrobe, which is really resfreshing but depressing..
man i had stuff that was like over 5 years old.. which is okay.. but not when it's 10x's too small..noonono

i found this pic, and it made me think.. wow. thrift store shopping is so amazing. seriously, the amount of things you can get for so cheap, i might as well blow my money there and have a kick-ass HUGE closet.. why not?
kay kay well i already do that alot, shop at 2nd-hand places so i might as well invest now.
although.. it's exciting now and then to drop into some favorite stores like f21 and zara and UO to check on some nice stuff.. right?
OH RIGHT... so i mentioned how i applied at Am Ap... interview 'n all..
yeah well.. i was suppose to get a call today if i got the job and im a little depressed... no call :(
oh well. ill survive.. at bp, but frigg i wanted that job, and so did ali gee, more than me prob.
anyway thats about all friends. i've probably already bored you enough.
till next time.

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