Tuesday, July 21, 2009

my little ponnie

has been a frickin whirlwild.
it's gone by so quickly, which means summer is going by quickly
which also means..
school is just around the corner
UGH. what am i thinking? thats too negative.. theres still plenty of summer left.
i've kept myself REAALLY busy and booked lately.
it's nice though cause it's not like i have to worry about school work or practising my singing or going to volleyball practices.. mind you the weight has put on a bit in the past while from zero physical fitness this summer.
i have been working a fair share though lately, but if not that, then im with the ones i love==== friends and fam and meeting new people.
and i love that.
making new friends, finding people i didnt know could possibly be out there
ponnie and dom if your reading this. I LOVE YOU TWO.
and joann and steph, i think we're going to become very close.
what else.
i've been mucho broko lately, zero money.. which means no shooppping.
and its so depressing cause all the sales have been on and i havent been able to splurge on them. :( :(
like UO had 50% off 50% off!!
and i saw the neatest stuff. oh well.. window shopper i am.

so heres to the rest of july and all the amazing new people i meet.

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FashionHippieLoves said...

cute pics!!!! Really like your Shoes!!!