Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ever since i met Ponnie, i have become more obssessed over photogrpahy, with her camera of course :P
she just bought a professional DSL camera that she saved and saveddd her money for, and now that i've been with her most of the time, we take many pics.
I've also come to realize how beautiful nature is, with the pics she takes, so beautiful.
I love it.
Anyway we went to the beach with the gang a few ago, and went to eat at Red Robin after.
and the freaky part.. we got to the beach roundd 2/3 pm and it was sooo hot, till like 6/7!
i was sweating.. like it was almost tooo hot to tan. i dont like that. but i did get alot darker, love that.

OH. and just got my paycheck and tips, YES. shopping trip to downtown soon. and im gonna splurgeee.

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Anonymous said...

omg, love it babe keep it up!!