Thursday, June 25, 2009

a.k.a "the Claw"

i don't know whats been up w/ me lately but i've been very lazy w/ making posts.
like i dont even take the time to take any pics to put up, and i've put together a few neat looks.. but never got around to share em.. oh welll..

i DID go shopping though a couple days ago w/ my gal pal ali GEE ( --- check it!) and we went downtown vancouver to hit up value village. mind you we had never been to this one before and it wasn't in the nicest part of town.. BUT to my surprise it was AWESOME. sucks though when you have a limited amount of cash to spend, good thing its a thrift store and cheap finds.

and SO, i discovered this amazing power shouldered dress and freaky awesome dragon-full length ring. dude i was stoked. im thinking its real sterling silver, but i cant be for sure, i hope so, looks ancient or something..
anyhow, got those two things and i actually ended up hemming the dress because it was a little longer than i was expecting the second time i tried it on at home, so i ended up pinning it and then my mom hemmed it for me.. took about an hour and a half..

WELL.. the end results i thought were great but when i tried it on my mom FLIPPED.
no like seriously you guys, she's like 'i can see your ass! you're not going out like that'... so much for that.
anyway i dont mind it, only i wont be able to wear it around my mom :P hahaha
we laugh about it now.. even though i know she would actually kill me if i wore it out.. i can be sneaky though.. haha

Wearing: dragon full-length finger ring VV ($25), power shouldered dress vv ($10) and fuscia fever #901 revlon nailpolish..
btw, because of my mom and her good polish skills, she found this killer new colour, and it's pretty much the exact colour i've been wanting.. thanks momma.

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EM$ said...

+ nailvarnish. very fresh