Monday, June 29, 2009

hair & bach

i can't figure out what im gonna do w/ my hair, i think thats my biggest stump at the moment, actually im always trying to figure out what im gonna do to it next to make it look different.
here are a few ideas, im growing it out, so its gonna go through a really funny, ugly stage, so im gonna have to live that our, but i guess itll be worth it.
at first i wanted the side shaved head, i really like how alice dellal has it, but of course she has long hair.. and then of course the idea of getting extensions in my hair was another thought.
anyway, we'll see how things end up, it shouldnt be that big of a deal, its hair, it grows back. i think im gonna stick with the agyness deyn, for now.. as i grow it out.. yeah ;)
p.s i might as well add in that i just watched the bachelorette and i cannot even begin to explain howwww upset i am that she kept friggin wes and ed. i dont care that much about ed, but that shes falling for wes' lies. makes me sick, i loved michael so much, i was like BALLING my eyes at the rose seremony, sadely enough. i cannot believe he's gone, he was such a great guy.. depressinggg.

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