Monday, June 15, 2009

nylon, you complete me

erin and i took a little rendevouz to my old elementary school and shot a few fun little pics, ha thank goodness there werent very people around to watch us :P
Then we headed to the video store and rented housebunny. hahaa sooo stupid, but funny. Gotta love the comedies..
then that was it for our night, simple and easy going, it was nice. I've been so boring and lazy lately now that school is finished... well besides one exam i have to take friday. Then it's offically OVER. i already feel like I'm in summer mode though, which is.. as you can see sorta bad because of my laziness.. i haven't posted anything for couple days.. which is weird for me. OH and I had my singing/ voice exam today.. SO NERVOUS, but it went pretty well I think, i'll find out the results in a few weeks and i'll keep ya guys posted on that.
I GUESS THATS ALL. I need to find something to do with myself, i think imma try some DIY, thats something to do.. yeah.

7 comments: Maegan said...

gorgeous photos! ...I never want anyone to watch me taking my photos either. .lol.

ann said...

Awe cute pictures :)

F Blog said...

cute photos! And i always get lazy in the summer too haha!

Wendy said...

You look like a model, so gorgeous! said...

Love your blog! Exchange links?

<3 xx

Natacha said...

Wow you're so cute! :-)


Heavy Metal Fashion said...

You are adorable...!

I'm going to Vancouver at the end of the summer! Yay!