Thursday, June 11, 2009

A- is for agyness

Agyness Deyn

It's been awhile that agyness has been on my fav. super model list.
To begin, her hair styles are fabbbbulous. I knew her for her cute pixie cut and bleach blonde hair when my sister showed me who she was. Eventually i found out she dyed her hair black.. which was kind of disappointing, cause her blonde suited her alot better.. so my sis & i thought..
At the time i had longer hair and i was thinking of getting a pixie cut.. rihanna style, but after i laid eyes on agyness, i wasnt sure whether to try and pull of an agyness or rihanna. It happened to be the rihanna style that i picked in the end.. but a month later, for my next haircut, i did the agyness, so it made up for it :P
Then! her style.. amazing.
Soo so unique and interesting. Sometimes she pulls that boho look, or chic meets punk and i love that. so much.
Her amazing editorials and ads are stunning and her look.. not the most beautiful model out there.. but who says models have to be beautiful. it's her look that i love.


Kathy said...

Love her!

Emma said...

i completely agree. she has so a great and unique style!