Tuesday, August 4, 2009


That night felt sooo long.
In a good and bad way.
Good w/ friends.
Bad w/ getting home.
I got to introduce my friend alison to ponnie and joann, two really neat people i love and adore. and it was awesome, we all got along really well.
we went and ate at cafe crepe where i turned into a pig and practically ate the whole resturant. ponnie and i shared a sweet crepe and then i shared a savoury pannini with alison while joann had her own cause she was starvingggg.
oh yeah and then fries.
mmm it was muy delicioso!
then we walked to english bay beach where there were thousands of others with us going to go watch the fireworks.
WE WERE SO LUCKY. it was COMPLTELY PACKED. like you have to at least get there 4 hours ahead to get a nice seat, we got there lik 45 mins before and LUCKILY, and kinda rudely went and found a spot RIGHT in front of the water smack face in front of the boat that set of the fireworks.
we seriously had to push and shove and step over people's heads and jump off logs.
hahaha it was redic. but a great turn out and... i wont forget to mention--the water was amazing, i love that, warm summer water. we had our bathingsuits and were totally down for a dip but held back for the sake of our things being stolen and considering we only had one towel, oh yeah and the rents were freaking cause they didnt want me home late.
which brings me to the conclusion!
alison and i left to take a bus home together and walked 45 mins to the bus stop, waited a half hour and OH MY GASHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH it was hell trying to get into the bus, people seriously like knocking people over and shoving and pushing, but alison and i were so lucky we were like right in front of the bus when it stopped. but the bus was FULL. completely. and then.. i got home at 1. i was dead.

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