Thursday, August 6, 2009

gotta sing gotta dance

so in case i PROBABLY didnt mention...
im taking this program for ALL of august, mon-friday 9-5 pm for the first ten days and then 9-3 pm. it's singing, dancing and a little bit of acting.
and oh my gasssh. its crazy. seriously guys. i dont even know how ive surviving with this, and i worked last night 7:30-12am right after... ahhhh.
its fun though, its good, and i think itll get better.
like its really... really hard. and i havent made too many new friends or anything, but i will, and im excited. i just get shy at first, or i look mean, but im not. its weird.
at the very end we perform a musical. so its totally crazy. we're like so far done almost 3 numbers of dances and songs. and the directors and dance instructors and everyone teaching us are fab and professional to the MAX.
so should be good. =]

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