Saturday, August 1, 2009

kickin up the feet

Dear my dear bloggers,
so it's 2.20 am in the morning.
i worked till 1 am and then my sister, late as ALWAYS, picked me up at 2 am.
my feet are still sore and im sittin in bed. dang.
anyway, as much as i hate working, i keep thinking to myself 'make the money, buy clothes, have money'.
i should make a moto.
something to motivate me whenever in doubt.
Tmrw is going to be an exciting day, a nice break from the busy week of work.
I plan on heading into downtown with alison [airetc] for a shoppin spree, which is gonna feel amazing because i havent been able to spend much or shop for clothing for what seems FOREVER.
Then we're gonna go for din din, not sure where yet, but im thinkin i might suggest a nice small indie resturant that my sis introduced me to.
And then finally itll be off to the beach to get a spot for the fireworks which come on at 10 pm.
but now its time for bed. im exhausted.
thanks for being a dedicated reader whoever reads this. means alot =]

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