Friday, August 28, 2009

phyloris/greenwood cupcakes

I made rainbow cupcakes today! w/ my GSGD friend kate, and because meagan had to leave back to prince george and i didnt even get to say bye to her, we dedicated cupcakes to her, hahah ok well not really, but we made cupcakes with her nickname on it: greenwood.
and then kate and i made a second batch and called it phyloris, which stands for phyllis and doris, our stage names in the musical for GSGD.
it's so hard to believe that its over, 18 days went by so quickly, and i miss so many people already, i'm so used to seeing them every single day and now i wont see them for a long while.
so now im definately not looking forward to going back to school, GSGD has been so many long days and hours and so much work, that school really doesnt sound so good right now.
anyway, i've got 10 more days, and lots planned ahead until then :)
haha oh yeah.. we put on her little sis' j-14 tattoos.. i got team edward and team jacob ;)



Anonymous said...

i like your tattoo haha
btw i love reading your blog, keep it up :)

David said...

Tasty ;)